The Owners

We bought The Chalet in February 1999 for our own mountain get-away (from the Bay Area) because we love the unique, spiritual Mount Shasta experience.  Over the years, Mount Shasta has not changed much, maintaining the perfect compliment of restaurants and entertainment to make it fun and natural beauty to calm the soul.  Many people who live here say that they seemed destined to live here.  It’s remarkable how often we’ve heard people say, “We were simply passing through when “the Mountain called to us.”

We love the untouched beauty of this place, the lack of pretense, and the emphasis on nature and the simpler life.  We offer our place as our way of extending this experience to our guests.  We do whatever we can to enhance your visit to Mt. Shasta, as evidenced by the special relationships we have established with many of our guests.  Some Chalet ‘regulars’ actually arrange their vacation schedules based on available dates at The Chalet.   Others will send a brief e-mail: ‘Hey Jack, is The Chalet available next weekend?”